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S. x morellianum - in general

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S. x morellianum - in general Empty S. x morellianum - in general

Post by I'm the 1 Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:30 am

This is a natural hybryd between S. arachnoideum and S. calcareum.

It occurs in the wild in French Alps.

It is supposed to be described by
in English Rock Garden 2: 350, s.a. - and yes, s.a. means "sine anno" - without the year of issue. At least this is what I've found about S. x morellianum in U. Eggli's Crassulaceae book.

In fact, book titled The English Rock-Garden by Reginald
(London, T. C. & E. C. Jack Ltd, 1919) was first printed in 1919 and reprinted many times due to its popularity.

You can read the book here:

On page 350 of this book Farrer gives us the name S. x morellianum as a crossing of S. calcareum and S. arachnoideum (and not vice versa!), but NO DESCRIPTION of the plant, except for "inheriting a double allowance of beauty" ...

Description (of plant in culture): Dark red tips, white hairs on both sides of leaves, also on the edges - all in all it is heavily fringed.

At SMG SUCCULENTS they sell a cultivar named Morellianum, which is desribed as "1905 (!!!) cultivar, deep red satin globes, great for winter color, medium".

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