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Sowing experience

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Sowing experience Empty Sowing experience

Post by Chromaphyo on Sun Mar 07, 2010 4:31 pm

Last year, I make try with seeds of botanical Sempervivum in January, with more or less successful
This time, I started in October issue.

Seeds are sown in a mixture of 1 / 2 potting soil for sowing + 1 / 2 gravel, the surface 1-2 mm of soil is pure. The seeds are sprinkled on the surface (ie not buried because it does not so much!), Water is sprayed and the pots were enclosed in plastic bags (conventional method of baggy)
Almost all the seedlings were made from crosses made by insects, etc. ... polllinisation uncontrolled.
Temperature 12-15 ° C

Note that most people who practice planting outside in April to avoid freezing. I will try myself this year!

Sowing experience IMG_3274
Overview of seedlings, mainly Sempervivum to the forefront and Aeonium at the background

Sowing experience IMG_3278
X S. heuffelii Rujen

Sowing experience IMG_3280
Here controlled crossing between S. arachnoideum tomentosum x S. montanum
The plants obtained seem still present arachnoideum phenotype, apart from the large plant on top.

Sowing experience IMG_3283
A planting Sedum Botanical Turkish unidentified species.

Sowing experience IMG_3288
x S. cv. 'Artist'

Sowing experience IMG_3290
x S. ispartae
S. ispartae is really very difficult to reproduce vegetatively and unfortunately it flowers easily!
Here, seedlings were given a single plant, already very large after 4 months and rejects 10 new plants! Sowing experience 706338

Sowing experience IMG_3294
x S. cv. 'Justine's Choice', sowing in January

Sowing experience Sos
S. brevipilum botany, one of only 2 successful planting.

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Sowing experience Empty Re: Sowing experience

Post by megines on Mon Mar 08, 2010 2:39 pm

Great collection cheers

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Sowing experience Empty Re: Sowing experience

Post by vr4ds on Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:35 pm

Nice babies! cheers
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Sowing experience Empty Re: Sowing experience

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