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Herberstein Empty Herberstein

Post by illustrator on Mon Oct 08, 2012 4:57 pm

Near Herberstein in Austria (or rather close to a small village called st. Johann, which is around the corner from Herberstein) is a cliff called the Geierwand. This is a habitat of S. wulfenii.

I visited the locality last week. On the top of the hill is a pasture with red deer. Around the pasture is a 3.5 m high fence. Behind the pasture is a path, which leads along the upper edge of the cliff. Between the path and the cliff is another 3.5 m high fence. So the path is between two very high fences. From the path, through the fence, there is a nice view. But it is entirely impossible to see the cliff itself. There is a plate which states that the site falls under Natura 2000, but no explanation why it is fenced in such a way.

The cliff is visible from a nearby hillside, but this is so far away that it is entirely impossible to see what plants are on the cliff.

I was not in the mood to risk my life. So all I know is the photo's which are here, despite having been there:

p.s. there's Hylotelephium telephium growing there as well, the only succulent which is visible from (and on) the path.
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