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S. x. funckii from Rijnbeek & Zoon

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S. x. funckii from Rijnbeek & Zoon Empty S. x. funckii from Rijnbeek & Zoon

Post by illustrator Fri Jun 15, 2012 5:39 pm

S. x. funckii from Rijnbeek & Zoon Funcki10

I obtained this plant from a garden centre in the Netherlands. It is grown by Rijnbeek & Zoon (= "Samplant"), and labelled as S. x. funckii. Some weeks ago I obtained S. x. funckii var. aqualiense from Martin Haberer. This plant looks very different. Of course individual hybrids can be very different, even if they have the same parentage, but I anyway like to get a second opinion on this one. Could this be S. x. funckii (unspecified origin and certainly not from La Heid des Gattes)?

In some weeks one rosette will bloom, so I can then post a picture of the flowers.
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