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A new column about Sempervivum

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A new column about Sempervivum Empty A new column about Sempervivum

Post by dolfairon on Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:37 pm

The genus sempervivum is appreciated by a lot of enthusiast, but often these plants are neglected on the various magazine.

Piante Grasse is the first Journal printed in Italy: born in 1979, quaterly (plus a Yearbook), since decades it’s one of the most important Journals dedicated to the world of succulent plants.
Since 2012, Piante Grasse changes Redaction and graphic layout, and it's now printed in English language.

Since 2012, the new Editor of the Journal, Davide Donati, decided to pay tribute to the genus Sempervivum, whit a new, dedicated column, written with Gérard Dumont (the author of the fantastic website "Sempervivophilia"):

"Urcaela, tempo di Sempervivum", the new column dedicated to Houseleeks, S. calcareum is the protagonist of this issue.
Next issue? S. wulfenii.

Please visit the following website to take a look at the Journal:

In this issue (1/2012), apart the sempervivum article:

- The description of a new subspecies of Turbinicarpus viereckii: T. viereckii subsp. reconditus;
- What's the best way to grow succulent Asclepiadaceae? Here's the answer;
- Lobivia (Echinopsis) ferox;
- Dasylirion in the garden, advice for soil cultivation;
- Photographic column, advice for "succulent" photographer;
- "The grower's notebook", the new column dedicated to succulent cultivation.

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