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Graubünden Empty Graubünden

Post by I'm the 1 Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:12 pm

Graubünden, the largest and easternmost canton in Switzerland, is a habitat of S. montanum that grows there at elevation between 1.350 and 1.380 m.

This is quite a large territory so without precision data I'm afraid we know nothing about the habitat.

About the name of the canton:
- Graubünden - German
- Grisons - French
- Grigioni - Italian
- Grischun - Romansh

Graubünden Smilie_girl_069

The highses mountains in this canton:

The 11 districts of this canton:

  1. Albula (Alvaschein, Belfort, Bergün, Surses)
  2. Bernina (Brusio, Poschiavo)
  3. Hinterrhein (Avers, Domleschg, Rheinwald, Schams, Thusis)
  4. Imboden (Trins, Rhäzüns)
  5. Inn (Ramosch, Sur Tasna, Suot Tasna, Val Müstair)
  6. Landquart (Maienfeld, Fünf Dörfer)
  7. Maloja (Bergell, Oberengadin)
  8. Moësa (Calanca, Misox, Roveredo)
  9. Plessur (Chur, Churwalden, Schanfigg)
  10. Prättigau / Davos (Davos, Jenaz, Klosters, Küblis, Luzein, Schiers, Seewis)
  11. Surselva (Disentis, Ilanz, Lumnezia/Lugnez, Ruis, Safien)
I beleive many of thos names sound familiar to you, right? Graubünden Smilie_girl_009
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I'm the 1

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