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Few NOID-no ID semps

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Few NOID-no ID semps Empty Few NOID-no ID semps

Post by *Barracuda_50* on Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:05 pm

These are just a few semps i have growing outdoors around the house. One is very beautiful i just cant seem to catch the colors right on my crapola cam.. The others are very nice to nothing spectacular but nice to have them around.. All were given to me as dime size starts.
First one is the pretty one, nice rosett its a grayish/greenish/pinks, as far as producing chicks it puts them out VERY FAST i started this one late fall last yr from dime size along with the other unknow in its pot it stays out yr round and is only coverd by a white bucket durring winter months. You can see the bare spot where i had just pulled chicks from it to start more in other pots.

Few NOID-no ID semps DSCF0545
Few NOID-no ID semps DSCF0549

I tried to get a pic with flash to see if that would help show its true colors more, but i guess that didnt work..
Few NOID-no ID semps DSCF0548

Heres some others from around the yard, all started late fall last yr.. These just get the pine needle cover for winter..
Few NOID-no ID semps DSCF0552
Few NOID-no ID semps DSCF0551
Few NOID-no ID semps DSCF0553
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