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banker07 says Hello

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banker07 says Hello Empty banker07 says Hello

Post by banker07 on Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:40 am

Dear semperholics;

my name is Peter Dieckmann and in the Semps-comunity I'm known as banker07;
I live in Hamburg/Germany and I get the semps-virus in 2007 with my first 3 noname-semps I bought during a hiking-holiday;
now I have about 900 cultivars (only sempervivum - nearly no jovibarba and nearly no species) and it's becoming more every year;
with some other german semperholics we build the homepage, where we try to build a full encyclopedia of this genus (especially the cultivars); some well known german breeders are members of our comunity and they are very helpfull;

if you have any questions about me ore our homepage you may ask me here or send me a message;

many greetings and a lot of success with sempervivum-growing !

yours Peter
Red Rosette
Red Rosette

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banker07 says Hello Empty Re: banker07 says Hello

Post by Sandstein on Sun Jun 08, 2014 12:46 pm


I am so sad, because banker07 died on 02.June 2014,

he was a great Sempervivum Fan,
I will still remember him for ever,


Green Rosette
Green Rosette

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