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Soil mealy bugs

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Soil mealy bugs Empty Soil mealy bugs

Post by Mary Tue Jun 23, 2009 4:10 pm

A group of my sempervivums which are together in flats on a large wooden table have soil mealy bugs. They are in red clay pots and the bugs are spreading from the bottom of the pots. I am very surprised at how vigorous and destructive the bugs are. The plants are shrinking and in poor condition. I have not wanted to use chemicals such as Imacloprid because of the reported danger to the bees and I've treated them twice using Neam Oil and soap as a soil drench. The plants continue to deteriorate. In the most severe cases I've repotted the plants after hosing off all the bugs but this is a slow process and maybe a hundred plants are involved. I am wondering if anyone has a solution for this. My potting mix had diatomaceous earth mixed into the soil and I had thought this would prevent mealies but not in this case, maybe there wasn't enough in the soil. Perhaps someone has a suggestion? My next move will be to soak the plants in a chemical such as Malathion. Thanks, Mary


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Soil mealy bugs Empty Re: Soil mealy bugs

Post by I'm the 1 Wed Jun 24, 2009 6:22 am

Mary, sorry I can not say anything about "chemical war" I do not know those substances.

There are literaly hundred sorts of mealy bugy. Some do not survive winter temperatures below zero, the other however are quite capable to withstand harsh conditions. Perhaps it would be the best thing to do to find out what mealy bugs you have.

You did not write where you live? Mealy bugs in southern parts of USA differ from those in Europe.

There is always the problem of flying male mealy bug (they fly for some days / hours at the last stage of their lives, looking to mate), you can catch them with sticky plates ...

Aphids (small mealy bugs) are also "gone with the wind" - they are so light that they literaly travel with the wind.

All in all, I would transplant plants first and than use chemical stuff - but not only one time - you must be persistand to get rid of them.

Infected soil should be put in dustbin not on compost!

Soil mealy bugs Xrm-cebeli
Good luck!
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Soil mealy bugs Empty Re: Soil mealy bugs

Post by *Barracuda_50* Sun Oct 09, 2011 2:49 am

If you would like to use a good product thats safe for the plants but works WONDERS on getting rid of all pest insects try Bayer Complete Systemic Insectacide i use it on all my cacti, most succulents, house plants and shrubs/flowers. I even spray the perimeter of my greenhouses with it inside and it keeps ants and all other bugs out of the GH's.. Mealies are a royal pain in the arse if not killed as soon as there noticed..
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Soil mealy bugs Empty Re: Soil mealy bugs

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