Pasina glava - wrong name!

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Pasina glava - wrong name!

Post by I'm the 1 on Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:12 am

Pasina glava or Pasina Glava is wrong for Pašina glava.

Pasina glava is given as a habitat of:

Arrow S. marmoreum subsp. regiane - amaliae (synonym S. macedonicum)
Arrow J. heuffelii
Arrow J. heuffelii subsp. glabra
Arrow J. heuffelii var. glabra (synonym for J. heuffelii subsp. glabra)
Arrow S. macedonicum

..... but all in all only 2 species are to found there, the others are synonymes. Wink

See here - Pašina glava:
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