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Post by I'm the 1 on Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:38 am

J. hirta is present at Kő-hegy.

Kő-hegy is a part of one of the largest dolomite-dominated areas of Hungary named Csíki-hegyek. Csíki-hegyek is located in the southern part of Buda Mts (9 km SW of Budapest).

J hirta locality is to be found at 47°27'53"N, 18°57'22"E. The locality was found in a grassland area on an dolomite bedrock.

Kő-hegy (name means Rock Mountain) is 366 m above sea level.

About the name:

Correct is Kő-hegy - but I can not write it correctly in post title, sorry!

hegy - Hungarian for mountain
hegyek - Hungarian for moutains
domb - Hungarian for hill

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