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Pilsko in Poland is a habitat of J. preissiana (see also under the synonymes!).

Pilsko is the second highest mountain range in Poland. It is located on the border with Slovakia. Plant grows there in grasland and limestone crevices.

S. preissianum Domin (1932)
S. globiferum subsp.hirtum valid name
S. hirtum subsp. preissianum (Domin) Dostal (1948)
S. soboliferum subsp. preissianum (Domin) S. Pawlowska (1958)
J. hirta subsp. preissiana (Domin) Soó (1972)
J. preissiana (Domin) Omel’chuk-Myakushko & Chopik (1975)
J. globifera subsp. preissiana (Domin) Holub (1998)
J. globifera subsp. hirta var. preissiana (Domin) Hadrava et Miklánek, comb. nova
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