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Prometheum tymphaeum

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Prometheum tymphaeum Empty Prometheum tymphaeum

Post by Marko.D Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:46 am

Prometheum tymphaeum (Quézel & Contandriopoulos.) 't Hart described in H. 't Hart & U. Eggli
(eds.), Evol. & Syst. Crassulac. 170 (1995).
The original name of the species (basionym) was Sedum tymphaeum Quézel & Contandr. Candollea
xx. 62 (1965) (tympheum), designat. typi omissa; et in Taxon, xvi.240 (1967), cum typo.
Species is stenoendemic to only few mountains in N Greece.
It grows in cracks of limestone rocks between 2000 and 2200m.
This is perannial plant that can, according to Mr. Urs Eggli hybridize
 with monocarpic species P. pilosum and P. sempervivoides.
It does not share habitat with this two, so I suppose they hybridize only in culture.
I grow this plant now maybe for a year, and I can say It's maybe more sensitive to overwatering
than other members of the genus. It will loose roots very easily and start to rot, but fortunatelly healthy
offsets will  root  very soon. Like other Prometheum species, It does not withstand winter wet,
 so It's better to keep it dry in winter. I had some plants both in shade and full sun.
They differ in apperance, but both look healthy. 
Plant that I grow was collected in Pindos, Smólikas, Astraka plain, Koutsomitros peak, 2070m.
I got it from a friend, our forum member who also has a blog where you can see some great habitat photos:
Photo that I made last spring  (this specimen lost it's root but I managed to saved it):
Prometheum tymphaeum Tympha12
Other photo (of another plant) was made few days ago.
Prometheum tymphaeum Prom10
1. Urs Eggli: Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants: Crassulaceae, Springer 2003.
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