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Post by txemari on Sat Sep 20, 2008 7:37 am

Hello everybody

Although I have written some topics, I haven't introduced myself until now.

I live in Madrid, Spain, and I am an enthusiastic of Sempervivum. Fortunately, I don't live in the city center, I live in a small town near Madrid and near the Mountains. Because of, I can see Sempervivum Cantabricum ssp Guadarramense growing in its natural habitat, Sierra de Guadarrama and Sierra de Ayllón.

I don't have a large collection of Sempervivums, I only have about 25 different species because I don't have much site. Besides I am interested in other succulent plants like cactus and euphorbias.

If you want you can see more about my plants in my blog:

Mundo Suculento

where I show all my plants, not only my Sempervivums. (Unfortunately it is written in Spanish)


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