Krug (BiH)

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Krug (BiH)

Post by Marko.D on Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:36 pm

Krug plateau in Hercegovina (BiH) is a habitat of S. marmoreum

In BiH sometimes it's called Krug planina (''planina'' means mountain) but this geomorphological entity 
would be better described with word plateau. Also word ''krug'' means circle in Croatian. 

It is located above town Livno, and below Mt.Cincar.

View at Krug from Mt. Cincar. Behind You can see Mt. Kamešnica.

This is a beautiful landscape famous for it's wild horses

When I wrote about Mt.Cincar I said that it's hard to say where does mountain ends and plateau begins on some parts,
so some of the photos posted on Mt.Cincar topic are taken at Krug.

Some parts of this area are still MINEFIELDS so if you're gonna visit, please inform first and be careful!
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