Kuželjska stena, maybe not a habitat?

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Kuželjska stena, maybe not a habitat?

Post by illustrator on Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:22 pm

Hi all,

Kuželjska stena is in the list of Slovene habitats, but with a remark that it is a douptfull locality. The same locality can also be called Kuželjske stene (in plural) or Kuželjsko okno (which is a 5 meter high hole in the cliff where you can look through to the valley).

I was there today, and also at the nearby Planinska stena. It is very beautifull, with a fantastic view - even though it was halfway foggy. There are Irisses growing on the wall and there was a pair of golden eagles circling above, together with a pair of ravens and a single buzzard. Fantastic! But I didn't see any houseleeks. The walls are huge and I saw merely a few square metres. So I can't really conclude anything.

Does anyone have more detailed information about possible houseleek localities around the Slovene/Croatian border river Kolpa/Krupa?
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