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Post by illustrator on Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:34 pm

Dear all,

I just obtained some plants with labels from I have mixed feelings about these. On one hand, it is rare to find named varieties in a general florist' shop, so I was happy at first. However, there seem to be many miss-spellings in the names. The plants on internet / on the label-pictures do match with the real plants, so you can check yourself. Unfortunately I can't find anywhere on the website who is the nursery behind these plants. No name, no address, no-one to ask further information. Edit: found them: it is an information website of Belgicactus, which is a nursery which sells only wholesale quantities. General website of the nursery:

I bought 3 plants:

Would "Weberianum" be "Webbianum" = S. arachnoideum tomentosum? Then the plant has awfully little webby appearance ... To me it looks like it could be an S. arachnoideum-hybrid.

"Montana" should be S. montanum, plant appears correct to me.

Ruthanicum should be S. ruthenicum (plant appears correct to me), but what is the meaning of "grus. grosbifera"?

So another big puzzle ...

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