Orostachys spinosus cristate?

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Orostachys spinosus cristate?

Post by illustrator on Thu May 17, 2012 5:59 pm

Hi all,

My oldest rosette of O. spinosa seems to become a cristate (zipper?). What is the future of such a plant? Will it keep growing bigger or eventually start to rot in the centre? I have enough offsets to continue with this species and find that the cristate starts to take a rather large amount of space in the pot. So i am actually thinking of kicking it out to make place for the younger rosettes, unless it might do something "interesting" ...

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Re: Orostachys spinosus cristate?

Post by Marko.D on Thu May 17, 2012 7:12 pm

As every other single rosette of Orostachys it will finish it's life after producing a flower. I don't think that cristate plants are more prone to rot.

If you ask me cristate plant is more interesting for itself, but of course you should always plant few young offsets in other pots (you never know).

Crestation is not so rare in O.spinosa.
I have a plant with normal looking rosette but it should produce cristate flowers (allegedly stabile mutation), and also single plant from other source that has cristate rosette. This other plant I bought from a grower on a flower fair who's all plants were crested. He couldn't tell me if this property will be present to every offsets and the offsets this plant produced are still too small to tell.

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