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S. jakucsii

Post by I'm the 1 on Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:58 am

Sempervivum jackucsii was collected between "Pojan and Podgorje opposite Korca" on Mali i Thatė (Albania) - the part of this monutan that lies in FYR of Macedonia is called Galičica. It was collected in July 1960 by P. Jakucs, in whose honour ioz has been named.

Pojan is a village in Korēė County, name Podgorje is quetionable!

The species only exists as a type plant in the Herbarium of the Museum of Natural History in Budapest, Hungary.

Some say S. jakucsii looks like S. kindingeri, other but that it is close to S. ciliosum.


Plant was described by A. Penzes in 1965 Annales Histotico-Naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici (Bot.).,57, 169-171.

Plant has a diamether of 2,5 cm. Leaves have 1,8 mm long hairs on the edges, stem is 11 cm high. Flowers are large, 1.7 cm in diameter and citron green colour.

Latin description of the type plant:
Planta herbacea. Rosulae estatae expansae 2.5 cm latae. Foliis cuneato-oblongis apicem versus dilatatis, breviter acuminatis, densissime et minute glanduloso-puberulis et insuper pilis albis villosis obsitis, margine retrorso ciliatis (pili 1.8 mm longi). Caulis glanduloso-puberulus, 11 cm altus. Folia caulina oblongo-lanceolata glanduloso-pilosa, margine ciliata. Flores magni, 1.7 cm diametro, viride citrini ad finem anthesi non lilacini. Petala 12-18, stellatim expansa acuminata, calice fere triplo longiora, margine et dorso hirta, 6×2 cm longa et lata. Sepala 4×2 mm longa et lata, obtusa glanduloso hirta. Antherae normales, non ovula gerentes, 5 mm longae, filamenta purpurea. Carpellum 4 mm loongum et 1.7 mm latum.
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