An article about S. calcareum

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An article about S. calcareum

Post by dolfairon on Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:50 pm

S. calcareum is one of the most beautiful sempervivum, and one of best houseleeks to grow: nice, hard to kill, heat resistant.
Probably the most beautiful forms grow on the Italian side of its distribution, where the plants are densely leaved, with leaves very glaucous, with deep red tip. In this area the plants grows mainly on acidic schist.

Whilst most of literature neglect this species, now S. calcareum has an article dedicated, by Davide Donati and Gérard Dumont, on the new Piante Grasse Journal, now in English.
The article is the first issue of a regular column dedicated to the genus Sempervivum.


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