S. dominii - in general

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S. dominii - in general

Post by I'm the 1 on Tue Mar 20, 2012 7:03 am

Plant was named in honour of the Czechoslovakian botanist Karel Domin (1882-1952) who studied Czechoslovakian houseleeks.

Sempervivum dominii description by Konop et Konopova:

Rosettes open, 2-3 cm in diameter, many leaved with the centre densely leaved and lax on the outside. Rosette leaves green, pale at the base, oblanceolate, apex sub-obtuse-mucronulate, 10 mm long, 3.5 mm wide an 1.5 mm thick, upper surface fairly flat, lower surface convex, both surfaces densely glandular-hairy, marginal cilia glandular, unequal in length, near to apex cilia 35 μm thick.
Offsets on slender stolons, dark brown, up to 3 cm long, with few leaves which soon wither, broadly lanceolate, small, densely glandular hairy, marginal cilia glandular (cilia and apical hairs definitely thicker). Flowering stem straight 12 to 15 cm high, densely glandular hairy.
Cauline leaves erect, deltoid-lanceolate, acute, about 12 mm long, 5 mm wide and 2 mm thick, both surfaces and cilia glandular hairy, green flushed red, manifestly red at apex. (Marginal cilia 2 to 3 times longer near the apex than at the base).
Inflorescence 5 to 7 cm in diameter, 3 branches up to 5 cm long, 12 to 18 flowers, densely glandular hairy. Flower buds ovate. Flowers sessile, 16-18 mm diameter, 10-11 merous. Bracts linear oblanceolate, acuminate, about 6 mm × 1 mm, at least the upper half red glandular-hairy. Calyx 5 mm long, densely glandular-hairy, divided into 10 or 11 segments. Petals pale red with white margins and a green middle stripe, at the base whitish with longitudinal red stripes, linear-lanceolate acute with apices recurved, about 8 mm long and 1 mm wide, outer surface and margins glandular-hairy, (marginal cilia 2 to 3 times thicker near the apex), inner surface glabrous. Stamens 20-22, about 4 mm long Filaments carmine, paler at the base, lower half qlandular-hairy otherwise glabrous. Anthers broadly ovate, pale purple. Carpels green, about 3.5 mm long, densely glandular-hairy. Styles erect, upper half glabrous, carmine. Scales obtuse-quadrate.
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