Val Visdende - Monte Peralba - Quaterna

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Val Visdende - Monte Peralba - Quaterna

Post by I'm the 1 on Mon Feb 06, 2012 1:42 pm

Val Visdende - Monte Peralba - Quaterna, Italy is given as a habitat of S. wulfenii and J. arenaria.


About the habitat:

This is in Beluno Province, Veneto region, Italy.

Unfortunately "Val Visdende - Monte Peralba - Quaterna" are actually three different places, the exact location is not given.

Val Visdende - Visdende valley is an alpine valley

Monte Perlaba - is a 2.694 m high mountain in Carnic Alp

Quaterna - well, this can be:

Col Quaterną - a stratigraphically dated Lower Permian volcanic complex in the Carnic Alps, 2.503 m above sea level (German name is Knieberg)
Sella del Quaterną = saddle of Quaterną
Monte Quaterną - 2.329m above sea level

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