Koryfes orous Grammos - ΚΟΡΥΦΕΣ ΟΡΟΥΣ ΓΡΑΜΜΟΣ

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Koryfes orous Grammos - ΚΟΡΥΦΕΣ ΟΡΟΥΣ ΓΡΑΜΜΟΣ

Post by I'm the 1 on Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:32 am

KORYFES OROUS GRAMMOS is given as a habitat of J. heuffelii.

Name is in Greek language and it meas: mountain tops Grammos. The exact locations are not given.

About the name:

ΚΟΡΥΦΕΣ ΟΡΟΥΣ ΓΡΑΜΜΟΣ - Geek writing for koryfes orous Grammos

Gramoz or Mali i Gramozit - Albanian

Gramosta or Gramusta - Aromanian = Vlach language

Γράμος - Greek for Gramos

Gramos is a mountain range in the border between Albania and Greece. The mountain is part of the Pindus mountain range.

See also Grammos: http://sempervivum.aforumfree.com/t1181-grammos?highlight=grammos
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