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Post by I'm the 1 on Fri Feb 03, 2012 7:25 am

alpe: mountain pasture
alta via: high level mountain route
alto: high
altopiano: high altitude plateu, upland
altipiano: high altitude plateau, upland
baita: alpine shepherd's hut, sometimes refuge
basso: low
bivacco: bivouac hut
bosco: wood
burrone: ravine
capanna: hut
cascata: waterfall
caserna: barracks
castello: castle
cengia: ledge
cima: mountain summit
col: hil, mountain or saddle
croce: cross
croda: steep - sided mountain
diga: dam
est: east
fiume: river
forcella: saddle, pass
ghiacciaio: glacier
meridionale: south
monte: mountain
nevaio: snow field
nord: north
oriente: east
occidente: west
orrido: ravine
ovest: west
pala: a rounded, spade shaped mountain
passo: mountain pass or saddle
punta: mountain peak
rifugio: mountain hut
rio: mountain stream
sasso: boulder or rocky peak
sella: saddle
sentiero: path
settentrionale: north
spiz: rock point, peak
sud: south
torrente: mountain stream
val: valley
valle: valley
vallone: valley
vetta: peak
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