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Have you ever heard of S. ciliosum ex Banderica? Synonyms for the plant are Sempervivum ciliosum var. bandericianum and Sempervivum ciliosum 'Bandericum'.

What do we talk about when we say "Banderica"?

One thing is certain "Banderica" is in Bansko municipality, SW Bulgaria.

Mountain hut named Banderica is to be found on the vay to Vihren mountain, at 1.820 m above sea level.

See photo of this

There is also camping named Banderica, cloase to mountain hut Banderica

A view to mount Vichren over the Banderica river:
One more photo of Banderica river:

And the Banderica river is running thru a valley that is named Banderica, too.

There is also a hotel named Banderica, you can find it at 5 Banderica Str. in the city of Bansko.

And beleive it or not, there is also a biathlon stadium named Banderica.

And finally - is there also Banderica mountain (peak):

Unfortunately I can not find anything on this peak ... so this might as well be a wrong name.

So, to what is "Banderica" as a habitat name reffering to?
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