Alibek gorge - ущелье Алибек

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Alibek gorge - ущелье Алибек

Post by I'm the 1 on Sun Dec 25, 2011 2:07 pm

In Alibek gorge - ущелье Алибек in Russian - on the slopes of mountain Semenov-Bashi (Семенов-Баши in Russian, elevation 3.114 m) there is a locality of J.preissiana

Semenov-Bashi is a mountain peak near Teberda, Karachayevo-Cherkesiya, Russia.

Synonymes for J. preissiana Omelcz. & Czopik:
J. globifera ssp. preissiana (Domin) Holub
J. heuffelii auct.
J. hirta subsp. glabrescens (Sabr.) Soo & Jav.

J. hirta subsp. glabrescens Zesiger
J. hirta auct.
S. hirtum auct. p. p.
J. preissiana Omelcz. & Czopik
S. hirtum form glabrescens Sabr.
S. hirtum ssp. glabrescens (Sabr.) Jav.
S. hirtum ssp. preissianum (Domin) Dostal
S. preissianum Domin
S. soboliferum ssp. glabrescens (Sabr.) Soo
S. soboliferum ssp. preissianum (Domin) Pawlowska

Photo from habitat:

Note Arrow newest classificiation Arrow
Jovibarba globifera subsp. hirta var. preissiana (Domin) Hadrava et Miklánek
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