North South Succulents

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North South Succulents

Post by I'm the 1 on Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:54 pm

Address: not given ... just
North South Succulents
in North Shropshire

Web page:

List 2011:
Sempervivum altum
Sempervivum arachnoideum x nevadense
Sempervivum ashes of roses
Sempervivum black mini
Sempervivum blue boy
Sempervivum blue moon
Sempervivum calcareum
Sempervivum ciliosum
Sempervivum dark beauty
Sempervivum dark cloud
Sempervivum king george
Sempervivum hulabloo
Sempervivum lilac time
Sempervivum lion king
Sempervivum lipari
Sempervivum lively bug
Sempervivum mahogany
Sempervivum major white
Sempervivum ohio burgundy
Sempervivum othello
Sempervivum packardian
Sempervivum plumb rose
Sempervivum red chief
Sempervivum red turtle
Sempervivum reginae-amaliae
Sempervivum reinhardt
Sempervivum rosie
Sempervivum royal ruby
Sempervivum silver jubilee
Sempervivum starburst
Sempervivum titania
Sempervivum virgil
Sempervivum woolcott's variety

Note: I'm giving the names of plants as they are given on the web page. Since they are starting all names with small capital letters, it is (if you are new to Sempervivum) impossible to tell what is in question - a species or a cultivar. All in all, beautiful photos, useful infos on species / cultivars, but the fact the names are written this way ruins the whole impression.
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