First Time Sowing Sansevieria Seed

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First Time Sowing Sansevieria Seed

Post by *Barracuda_50* on Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:47 pm

A dear friend of mine had sent me a few mixed sansevieria seeds not knowing which seeds came from which plant, so i gave it a go and now i have sansevieria babies.. I have 5 up so far hoping to see few more pop soon.. This is my first time sowing and germinating sansevieria. These seeds germd pretty darn fast and are growing very quickly. You can even see little white color along the leaf edges.. Cant wait to see how they turn out and what they are..

Heres how they looked when i first took pics. at the time i only had 4 up

and then pics taken yesterday.

These are the 2 largest babies now in there own pots.
my finger next to them for size. WOW they grow fast.
Without flash

with flash

and the other babies, one is just starting to develope a leaf.
The other 3 babies deffinately look diffrent from the first 2.

Im still waitting on more to germ.. I dont give up hope as some seed can take ALONG time to germ.
Will post again in 2 weeks on these babies..
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