Trentino - semps 110 years ago

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Trentino - semps 110 years ago

Post by I'm the 1 on Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:06 am

In an article by Georg Evers, written in 1896, published here

you can read about flora in Trentino, Italy.

I give the names as they are written in the article (text is in German language). Datas on habitats given in the article are updated.

Sempervivum acuminatimi Schott.

- Trient (= city Trento)

- Goccia d'Oro (basalt type vulcanic rocks)

- Rovereto (city Rovereto)

- Passo della Becca del Bondone (limestone rocks)

- Waidbruck, Porpbyrfeisen.

Sempervivum alpinum Griseb. et Schi.

- Trafoi, Franzenshöhe.

Sempervivum Wulfeni Hoppe.

- Val Daone, Franzenshöhe.

Sempervivum barbulatum Schott (S. montanum x arachnoides)

- Trafoi

I wonder what is the status of those species in 2011, 115 year after the first description.

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