Latest introduction ever..

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Latest introduction ever..

Post by Marko.D on Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:50 pm

Hi! I'm Marko, grower from Croatia.

I'm a member of this forum for some time and I somehow skipped to introduce myself. Very rude of me.

I grow succulent plants since I was a child. Last few years I'm all hooked in winter hardy plants.
Offer of Sempervivums in Croatia was (and still is) very poor. I had only few unnamed plants but my
dear friend and our forum admin started to send me plants with names and that really woke my passion for those plants.
Many of you already know that I'm absolutely mad about genus Orostachys.

I grow many succulents including Stapeliads but last few years I became limited with space, so
I can expand only my collection of winter hardy plants. I also grow some carnivorous plants, specially
venus flytraps.

My collection is not very big, but It's growing and I'm always interested in exchange.
I grow genera Sempervivum, Orostachys, Jovibarba, Prometheum, Rosularia...

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Golden Rosette

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