Veľká skala

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Veľká skala

Post by jezour on Tue Jun 08, 2010 10:33 am

I introduce several habitats from the Slowakia. I have taken these photos in July 2009 during the "hiking expedition" in the Slowakian mountains.

This habitat is not far from the town Ružomberok in the Liptov region. South of this town begin the range of Veľká Fatra mountains. When you go on the first hill above Ružomberok, you find this habitat. It consists of only one bigger rock. And there are growing houseleeks on this rock - specifically Jovibarba globifera subsp. hirta var. hirta.

Well, look at the photos.

Nice morning view of Chočské mountains from Veľká skala

The top of Veľká skala

Jovibarba globifera subsp. hirta var. hirta on the habitat

The plants bloom in the second half of July

The view of Sidorovo from Veľká skala

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